Resolving following Issues

Elected officials and community leaders
Public safety

According to DC based Police Executive Research Forum, “Minneapolis was a complete failure of training and law enforcement training has not change fundamentally in the last 25 years”.

Our community has no trust when it come to law enforcement and public safety. Proposing

1) Introduce truth, and reconciliation commission to bring transparency and accountability in the community.

2) Proposing to have 3 R’s – Re-Train, Re-Screen & Re-view everyone including supervisors.

3) Involve the community, experts and victims on how they what the future police to look like.

4) Introduce pilot program like (Cahoots – Eugene, Oregon, STAR – Denver, CO & PACT in Edmonton, Canada) – law enforcements being paired with mental health therapist, homelessness & addiction experts etc.

5) Introduce new innovative training and strategies so that law enforcement are supported and have enough resources to combat stress, high blood pressure and Insomnia.

6) Require police to have malpractice – liability insurance

Food Desert

What is food desert?

This is a term that is commonly used to describe communities that have very little or no access to grocery stores.

Our community in North Minneapolis, under federal definition meet that standards of food desert in two ways:

    1) Residents having poor access to healthy food

     2) Low median income

I’m proposing using diverse set of tools to transform our neighborhood.

     1) Introducing community -city partnership, the community knows what it needs, and the city can create policy’s that align with community needs

     2) Collaborating with North Market – a full-service grocery store, and see how we can have another one.

     3) Improve on having one stop place: full-service grocery, health care services, community center for health awareness and education.


Ending homeless is a public health issue, this is personal to me, because I have seen first and experience what is being homeless.

We have seen in our city, a record number of homeless people occupying city of Minneapolis public spaces, and with Covid-19 pandemic, has increased the number.


     1) Creating an early intervention with our partners, rather than a late intervention that includes ER emergency, incarceration, mental illness, chemical dependency etc.

     2) Funding evidence-based housing practices: supportive housing stability services and innovations

     3) Introducing structure framework for federal, state, county agencies and policy makers to work collaboratively.

     4) Research on successful cases around the world; for example Finland – Housing first, and learn how we they have increased their numbers tremendously.

COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic, has proven and shown what we know, that the racial disparities in COVID death rates in our community is tragic. In our community, African America are at a higher much risk of contracting COVID-19 and more likely to die from the virus.


    1) Collaborating with state and county government to redouble covid-19 prevention campaigns

    2) Assembling as Task force and conducting ASAP studies of health disparities

    3) Distributing personal protective equipment – masks & hand sanitizers – door to door.

    4) Engaging local community organizations, black churches to help with outreach.

    5) Address the structural inequities that have led to poor health (high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma) and wider exposure to the covid 19 virus.

    6) Advocate for affordable & effective healthcare to address underlying health conditions.

    7) Support more training to eliminate the racial bias which does impacts the type of treatment black & brown receive treatment.


Covid 19 pandemic has shed the light on financial fragility of small businesses, and the continuing significant impact of the pandemic. Over 50 % of American workers are employed by small businesses.

With the continuing disruption due to safety and relief programs offered the governments, we are experiencing businesses closing every day.


    1) Reduce the application hassle on PPP Loans and complicated eligibility, streamline the process.

     2) Clarify the eligibility criteria

     3) Small business such as restaurants, tourism and personal services, can’t last for more than 4 months with closures, we need new accommodating policies.

Community Resources

We need to spearhead community centers and fund local organizations that can.

     1) Support and open social hall centers that train young people in skills such as cooking, entrepreneurships, nutrition, food justice etc.

     2) Collaborate with private and public organizations to create opportunities in Minneapolis like mentorship programs, job training, spaces for arts and culture events.

     3) Build social spaces that can be used rental space for workshops, performance’s and lectures etc.

     4) Funding recreational centers for sports, swimming, basketball etc.

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